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Lots to Love

You’ll love your app’s unique look and content. Easily customize your colors, layouts, font, images and much, much more. Cookie cutters are good for cookies, not apps.

Superior Support

You aren’t alone. We’re here to help you clarify your goals, create your app, successfully launch your app and grow it’s impact for your ministry.

Push Notifications

Alert people of new content, last minute changes, send a short daily scripture, or schedule notifications in advance. How could your ministry use this?

Easy Giving

Make it easier for people to give. Don’t make people dig for cash or dust off a checkbook. Integrate with your online giving solution, or ask for suggestions.

All About Location

Make your ministry only a tap away on people’s favorite devices. Speaking of location, include maps or even location-based push notifications in your app.


Let people easily send prayer requests, sign up for life groups or to volunteer. Connect with people where they are at… on the go.

Engaging Video

How will you engage people with video? Live stream your service, a mid-week devotional thought or automatically bring in video from YouTube or Vimeo? It’s up to you.

Social Media

Automatically bring your favorite social media into your app.


Your calendar can be a finger tap away. Import your existing calendar, sync it, or easily create beautiful events for your calendar.

Actionable Analytics

We love data and think you will too. See summaries of downloads, use and more. If you geek out about analytics, ask us about integrations with popular tools.

Much More

We all love good surprises, so check out your free trial to see several other features. Have a feature suggestion, let us know… it may even be in the works or ready for beta testing.


Sorry, your app won’t make coffee for you, but it only costs as much as several cups a month. If you’re near Howell, MI, we’ll meet you for coffee to talk ministry & technology.

Answering your prayers for an app

We love serving churches and want to make beautiful, feature rich apps for ministry affordable for all churches.